About the Republic

The Republic of New Zealand – also referred to as the New Zealand Republic – was formed on the 24th of August 2018 by Decree of self appointed King – King James of Christchurch.

King James is the first King in the Republic, not King of the Republic. Anybody that joins the Republic is more than welcome to make themselves King or Queen also. we are all sovereigns in the Republic.

The New Zealand Republic is a Nation – not a Country.

The New Zealand Republic is tax free for all those who become part of the Republic. This means you pay no taxes on your income if you join the Republic. Whether you choose to pay rates, GST and other Crown taxes outside of the Republic is up to you.

The New Zealand Republic is a Free Trade Zone – you are free to trade with whomever you please within the Republic, as long as you abide by the laws of the Republic.

There is no legal system in the Republic, nor lawyers nor Crown/ Government judges. The Republic operates under Common Law. Common Law courts will be created around the Nation and run by the local communities, not half wit corrupt circuit judges and corrupt drug dealing corporate lawyers.

We do not use legal names in the Republic. Your legal name as it appears on your birth certificate is owned and copyrighted by the Crown. This means whenever you use your full legal name, the Crown has full jurisdiction over you and any property in that name. Thus you will need to use a common law name in the Republic. We suggest a first or middle name and then your town or region etc.

Only individuals and those in New Zealand lawfully can join the Republic. Corporations cannot join the Republic.

This official and now created Republic is not to be confused with the ‘Republic movement’ website with a similar name – which Google places at the top of search results, while apparently black listing this website.  The ‘republic movement’ website appears to be run by lawyers and related types with a view to only ever ‘discussing’ a Republic and never actually providing one. The Republic of New Zealand has now been formed by King James and there was no need for years of lengthy complicated discussions and accompanying legal paper work. It has already been done.

Please note that King James has no desire to completely control and run the new Republic but has simply taken the first much needed steps in getting the job done.

Other Kings and Queens and Sovereigns are more than welcome to join the Republic with a view to helping shape things. We encourage individuals to recognize their Sovereignty before joining the Republic, although this is not a condition of joining.

You can join the Republic of New Zealand simply by deciding to join – there is no need for any paper work or other registration process – although you must be a Kiwi living in New Zealand and be here lawfully  – this excludes the likes of Kim Dotcom, Peter Thiel and any other fraudsters who have bought and bribed their way into our Nation.

Once you have decided to join the Republic – and have made a commitment to abiding by the laws of the Republic (which is essentially common law, based on the principle of “Do no harm to others”) – you can simply tell people you are now in the Republic and under the laws of the Republic.

Once you have decided to join the Republic you are welcome to join the discussion on this website and help shape these laws and other decisions – this is done via the “Join page” in the menu.

Until such time as other Sovereigns choose to join in the debate – King James will be passing Decrees as he deems fit.

This is a brief introduction to the Republic of New Zealand.

We are currently working on setting up the discussion forums and membership functions.

Those in a position to make a contribution to the Republic may do so to the external legal name charged with organizing this website:

Cohen Glass


We recommend every new member of the Republic contribute $70 towards helping get things underway, possibly with a view to a $70 annual fee for all of those in the Republic, but with no other taxes or fees. $70 per annum is more than enough to run a free and sovereign Nation – anything else would be theft.  Contributions are not compulsory, every honest and well intentioned Kiwi is free to join.