This is a flat Earth Republic

Anyone with any common sense knows the Earth we all live on is flat.

Well – flat and a bumpy.

People who do not know this fall into the following categories: the ignorant, the brainwashed, the misinformed, the highly ‘educated’, and what could be best described as Satan’s minions – those who know full well that the Earth is flat, but work full time to try and discredit any mention of it.

You can easily distinguish between who is who, as those who are ‘Satan’s Minions’ will wail like children when you raise the issue, and those who are simply misinformed or ignorant will at least hear you out and then at least think about it for themselves.

Possibly the best or at least easiest way to conform for yourself that the Earth is flat, is to simply jump up in the air one day and see if you land in the same place. Case closed. You are not spinning around at 1000 miles per hour. Another simple way is to go look at the oceans or lakes and ask yourself if it looks flat or curved. Take a water level with you perhaps. Its called ‘water level’ not curve. Do you seriously believe we all spinning around at 1000 miles per hour, while all of that water sits peacefully still? Try to use your own common sense, not rely on what you were taught in Kindergarten. Watching a Sun set is another favorite method, you will see so called Sun spots around the water and clouds by the Sun, making it clear that the Sun is not 93 million miles away – it is actually very close to us. Clouds behind the setting the Sun is another favorite. You can also use online Earth curvature calculators to prove that those hills and bays you can see up the coast from where you are standing should technically not be visible at all.

The New Zealand Republic is flat, always has been and always will be. As is the rest of the Earth.

Folks are well advised to exercise caution around those who refuse to even look at the evidence.

Flat Earth New Zealand on Youtube

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