Sovereignty Law v’s Bonded Legal Name Slave – More info….

Some more information below on Sovereignty Law v’s the legal slave name system.

The privately owned legal system is taking us all to hell – selling us all into foreign corporate slavery – and common law is the antidote….

Your birth certificates – which your parents are coerced into signing at the hospitals – are legal bonds which are owned and traded by a shadowy elite, making you a slave for life if you choose to use that legal name. You do not own your legal name and are in fact breaching copyright whenever you use it.

These bonds are worth an estimated $75 million dollars on average and increase/ decrease in value as your circumstances change (career / job changes/ property purchases/ sent to jail etc).

All of your bills, loans and etc are prepaid via this legal slave bond, then you are sent paperwork asking you to pay again out of your own income. Same when you go to court, the judges are trading off your legal bonded name, and the courts earn large payouts from your legal trust when you agree to be that name, even when they send you to jail.

To become a free ‘Sovereign’ simply requires that you learn the difference between the full legal name (or Legal Person), and you, the so called Living Man. The courts can only ‘summons’ the dead ie) the full legal name and have no jurisdiction over a real live human being – as specified by Roman Canon Law 2057.

Some basic rules include: learning to use your Christian name only, never the ‘surname’ which means legal ‘surety’ on a contract. Always sign as ‘Authorized Administrator’ or ‘Authorized Signatory’ or just put ‘A.R’ after your mark/ signature. Always put ‘Under Duress’ before you sign anything with police or the courts, if you are being in anyway threatened or bullied by them. More details in the videos below…

(Below is the best documentary, but is blocked for sharing….please use the link)

(Simply search ‘Sovereignty Law’ or ‘Legal Name Fraud’ to find more online…

The history of the legal name fraud

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