Flat 5% Corporate Tax Rate Offered in the NZ Republic

The Republic does not wish to send the wrong messages to the International business community, nor to Kiwis invested in some way in the corporate system.

The Republic will be very much open for business, as usual.

A flat 5% corporate tax rate will be offered to corporates who operate in this land. This number will be up for discussion until such time as things ‘go live’.

We have previously explained that corporations cannot ‘join’ the Republic. What this means is that corporations have no say in how this land is run. Only the people who make up the Republic do. Once enough Kiwis have joined the Republic however, and we become the de facto ‘government, we will be setting such rules.

As it stands, all large corporates operating in New Zealand are heavily engaged in large scale tax avoidance, a lot of which is most likely tax evasion, backed up by large teams of corporate lawyers. Most of them use complex off shore licensing and franchise agreements to simply wipe out real profit levels.

There will be no need for any of this rubbish in the new Republic, as corporate tax rates will be set at a flat 5%. Pay your share and you are free to operate here efficiently.

Corporations will however be subject to the decisions of those running the Republic, namely its members, and thus any practices that involve allegations of harm will be discussed and investigated where needed. Corporations will no longer for example be allowed to add poisons to the food they sell. Excessive sugar being one obvious example. Toxic factory farmed animals another. Nor plunder the countryside and environment at our collective expense. Any corporations involved in such practices will be further regulated and / or taxed, or simply thrown out if they persist/ insist, and their board and CEO’s arrested and held to account.

Corporate rich listers and CEO’s are no longer the Kings here. You do not own us. You are only here to serve us – if you so choose.

The Republic will encourage business, trade and related production and efficiencies, but only if it benefits the people of the Republic, and certainly not otherwise.

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