Extradition List for the NZ Republic

By Decree

The following people will be immediately extradited from the New Zealand Republic.

This list will be added to as more names come to our attention

We are aware for example of a large number of Chinese rich listers who have bribed their way into this land but we have not followed the cases closely and thus do not have the names.

Those in the Republic are encouraged to join the discussion…

1) Kim Dotcom / Schmitz. No questions asked. This monster is out. He bribed his way in to begin with, and arrived with all of the large scale meth imports. He staged that raid on his property and has been lying about almost everything else we have seen him comment on or represent. The whole Julian Assange psy-op / rubbish to begin with. The staging of the Seth Rich death being one example. He is also suspected of bribing large numbers of our judiciary with meth and kiddie porn, and thus how he has been able to stage his court cases so far – all of which is just theater, and fraud. He is also suspected of being deeply involved in the dark web – which involves large scale child sex trafficking and the likes. Kim Dotcom is out, and is well advised to start making his own exit plans while he still can

2) Peter Thiel – the blood drinking vampire. Same deal, he gained entry unlawfully and remains here unlawfully. He is suspected of being behind large scale child trafficking networks for blood harvesting for his medical and ‘longevity’ research investments. He also needs to be investigated for pedophilia as far as we are concerned, but will simply be extradited straight off the bat to save us all the expense.

More names will be added as they are collated and documented.

Please feel free to suggest cases below.

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