The New Zealand Republic is Now Under Common Law

By Decree – the new Zealand Republic is now under Common Law.

The previous two laws passed for the Republic are 1) Do not kill 2) Do no harm.

Common Law will now be the basis for all other law, as well as for administering the law. This means those in the Republic can rely on the body of case law which makes up Common Law as a guide to making their decisions.

This is not to say all previous case law will be upheld, but that it can be used as lawful argument.

The goal is to eventually create up to 12 common law courts around the Nation for administering this law, or possibly have a crack at running it on line to begin with. Although logistically easier, the obvious problem with this is that the entire internet is compromised and hacked to buggery and back – mostly by Israeli and Soviet/ Russian interests it would seem.

Please remember – there is no legal system in the Republic and no use of legal names. Only common law names. Essentially this just means that we do not titles such as Mr/ Ms/Mrs, nor your full legal name whcih is owned and copyrighted by the Crown/ Vatican.

You can learn more about the difference between common law and the legal system below


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January 6, 2019

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