The New Zealand Republic is a Tax Free Zone

Have you ever considered why the current system of government are always telling us of the benefits and virtues of ‘free trade’ and yet have never thought to create a free trade zone within our own land?

Think about that for as long as you need to.

In the meantime – by Decree of King James of the New Zealand Republic – the New Zealand Republic is now a tax free zone.

This means the individual sovereigns who make up the Republic are not subject to any taxes by the Republic.

There are no personal income taxes in the Republic as such taxes are the number one cause of poverty, unemployment and thus crime. What you earn you may keep.

The Republic is also a free trade zone

You may produce and trade among yourselves tax free.

This is – and always has been – the most efficient taxation system. No tax at all.

Please be aware that corporations cannot join the Republic and thus are not part of this tax free zone.

Please also be aware of the law of the Republic – Do No harm – so if you are producing and / or selling goods but are harming others or the land in the process, you may be held to account. This may come in the form of penalties, but such penalties will not be used as an excuse to create taxes which are then used to punish others who do not harm.

We would also note that trade with entities overseas who are not part of the Republic does not constitute ‘trade within the Republic’ and thus will most likely be subject to other laws and or regulations.

We also note that there is now a small army of people positioned around New Zealand who collect money for doing nothing from the existing government – and that many of them only do so because they have been left with no other choice, or have genuinely invested into the current system over the years and have earned such payments. We advise these people that now that income taxes have been removed, as well as other unnecessarily rules and regulations, there will be no shortage of ways to earn a living. For those unable to work – have you ever considered where the money you receive comes from? It is counterfeit money borrowed at interest from overseas. Please be assured that the Republic will produce as much of its own money as it needs to make sure all those in need are provided for. And that money will be non interesting bearing, and thus will not create holes in the economy elsewhere.


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October 16, 2018

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