Do No Harm

By Decree of King James of the New Zealand Republic – the second law of the Republic is now officially – Do No Harm.

If you harm others, or their property, you will be held to account.

This is similar to the stated objective of the current ‘legal’ system in the incorporated / corrupt/ Crown owned Country called New Zealand, but as we all now know, their legal/eagle system is a complete failure for the general public. Currently they create most of the crime – and then we all fund the clean up.  What they have created is a “Just Us” system, not a system of just law. Thus the likes of Eric Watson and John Key can quite openly steal hundreds of millions of dollars off the public, while other foreign rich listers can openly bribe their way into our land, and none of them even go before a judge.

In the Republic, all are equal before the law.

The Law will be administered via this website and/or localised / regionalised public courts yet to be organised and set up.


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